The Boy With a Horn

By: Jordan Griffith      When Jess was a child he suffered with terrible headaches and pains. One night it got so bad that he woke up screaming and feeling like he was paralyzed. Jess was so scared. His mom started to scream for help but they were the only people living in the house. […]

meme project

     Now I know that these are probably two of the worst memes you have ever read but, I tried. Well… let me explain, my class and I learned about irony and we watched an old movie called “The Wave”. The left meme doesn’t have irony, but the one on the right has verbal […]

American Revolution Project

American Revolution Biography   Biography of “Margaret” Catherine Moore Barry   Born: November 29, 1752 at Spartanburg County, South Carolina Died: September 29, 1823      Catherine Moore Barry parents were Charles Moore and and Mary Moore. Her father was a Professor and her mother was a stay at home mom with 10 children.Catherine didn’t have […]

hunger games CRR

  Hungry for the Hunger Games   “May the odds be ever in your favor”       “When I woke up the other side of the bed was cold, my fingers stretched out seeking Prim ‘s warmth finding only the ruff canvas cover on the mattress. ” is the first sentence of my favorite […]